Remembering 9/11/2001

It is truly unbelievable hearing/watching/reading the stories, accounts of the day that changed our lives 10 years ago — or as Univision WXTV news anchor, Rafael Pineda, said “the day America lost its innocence.” 

I look forward to a day of sharing with others and remembering how we came together as one and most importantly to honor the heroes, the fallen and those we lost.

I’ll be tuning in to Univision on TV and online beginning at 7am on Sept. 11, 2011 to commemorate the tenth anniversary. In the meantime, I leave you with Univision’s journalists’ recollection of this day.

via @UnivisionNews / - Videos in English

via @UniNoticias / - Español


Life is Like a Box Hanx… Academy Award-winning actor Tom Hanks dancing/giving the weather report on Univision’s morning show “Despierta América.” 

"Gotta Love Univision…"


Novelas are booming

"While the major broadcast networks are losing viewers, Spanish-language Univision has increased its viewership last year, mainly because of soap operas. Univision’s viewership increased by nearly 10 percent from September to April when compared to the same period last year. According to Nielsen, an independent company that tracks media ratings, during the same period NBC lost 16 percent of its viewers, CBS and ABC 9 percent and FOX 5 percent."

Read CNN’s Rafael Romo’s post here:


If you didn’t know, after this you will. A MUST-WATCH: The New American Reality.


Pasion del Mundial/World Cup Passion

I have to admit I was not the biggest soccer fan in the world, despite my roots — and especially as fútbol is the be all and end all for my family and my country Ecuador. But the 2010 World Cup has taken over my life — in a good way (but bad for the Yankee in me - haven’t been paying much attention. shocker!). So I have to say, seeing my family, friends and colleagues so passionate about this mundial is truly fantastic. The stories, the excitement but the one that takes the cake is the picture below. This is true fútbol spirit. This is a picture of a colleague’s pasión del mundial at Univision’s Fresno station. LOVE. IT.


Los goles de México vs Francia - Univision Futbol

The recap for you en Español. It’s just more fun to watch.


From one chapter to the next…

In Sept. 2004, I walked in 229 West 43rd Street.

Little did I know how much my life would change.

After five plus years, I left what had been my second home The New York Times. As I said to the most amazing colleagues I had the great fortune to work with: I sometimes look at life (or maybe everything) as if it were a baseball game. Sometimes curve balls are thrown at you, sometimes you’re on a good streak, sometimes not so much; you try new things or keep with what’s working; and you work with all sorts of players but beyond that you’re ultimately part of a team. And I, will miss THE team. An organization, a team I had the privilege to work with with, laugh with and learn from.

So yesterday I walked through these doors

to the next base on the plate; I turned the page to the next chapter in my life. I’m excited for what awaits me. I’m going to work for a company that I have admired for as long as I can remember, where I will be using my first language more and an organization that I believe is truly genial. Univision.

I will continue posting to Twitter what I read, including The New York Times. So to that, enjoy the 2010 World Cup! Here are some links for your reading pleasure:
English -
Español -

Ta ta now…

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